Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Almost Show and Go Time

I know, your asking, "What the heck is show and go?" Well, my fellow blogsters and readers of all things automobilish, Show and Go is the annual car show held in my home town. That's right, a big ol' car show, complete with open header cruising, show & shine, poker walk, live bands, carnie type food, and that cool announcer that everybody knows as the longtime voice of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

You guessed it, none other then Bruce Flanders himself. If you think Bruce is in anyway related to Ned Flanders then you need to check the torque on your lugnuts!

          Although there is a strange resemblance

Wow, have I accidentally discovered Ned Flander's secret identity? Another first from Frank's Classic Car Garage! By the way, here's the flyer for our famous car show. Ok, soon to be famous.

I'm bringing Number 2, and if you think that's the smelly brown stuff, then you need to check your dipstick! Technically, you might be right though. The car is brown and it is smelly. Just read the older blogs, they will explain everything. I better go polish the turd now! If I start early enough it may just look presentable. Remember, I said may...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where Were You In '62?

Suddenly, it's the sixties... well, that's what I thought when I took the following photo. It reminded me of a cruise scene from Hollywood Knights or American Graffiti.

Check out this cool '55 "altered"

This is Kenny Asche's famous flamin' Camaro. You really have to see this car in person. It's one of the best flame throwing cars I have seen. If you look closely in the photo you can see the flames.

These are just a few of my photos that I thought you might enjoy. Stay tuned for more, both of cars and other "interesting" subjects... For those who want tips and tricks on digital photography or just want to learn how to take better pictures, Click Here!