Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Time Warp Update

Wow, where does the time go? As I wrote this my latest project car, Time Warp, was pretty much finished. Actually, are project cars really ever finished? Lets just say that I had done about as much to it as I wanted to do! It has been quite the journey getting my '56 to it's current status. I was forced to address issues with every repair that I made. As soon as I would fix one item I would notice something else. I almost considering re-naming the car "Pandora's Box" due to the seemingly never ending repairs that were needed. Many a weekend thrash ended with a cold one, what I referred to as Miller Tyme!

Miller Tyme

I managed to take Time Warp to a few cars and coffee events during the shake down of the drive train. All was well and the car performed flawlessly. I thought a lot of folks would be interested in the engine compartment but it was the patina in the paint that drew the most comments! 

327 CID

Riverside Cars & Coffee

I must admit that color sanding and buffing the paint really made a difference and made the patina pop that much more.

I also completely redid the interior and more then a few people noticed the period correct bucket seats, steering wheel, vintage Stewart Warner gauges, and the custom painted glove box door by my good friend Jim at Riverside Pinstriping & Lettering.

Time Warp's Interior

 Of course no sooner that I had gotten Time Warp on the road, the pandemic hit! Car shows were being cancelled left and right so the car just sat. You might say that it was all fixed up with nowhere to go. Work was sketchy and my savings was low, a bad combination. Keen readers will have noticed that the first paragraph in this story was written in past tense...

Fast forward to today. As I write this Time Warp is no longer in my garage, it is now with it's new owner in Denmark. What a journey, both literally and figuratively, but there is both good and bad news. The bad news is that I had to sell one of my bucket list cars that I had put major time and effort into. The good news is that now I can concentrate on my moth balled '72 Olds 442, project Yellowjacket.


Fresh off the boat in Denmark

Project Yellowjacket


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Road Trip to Mustang Island

 I recently ran across this really excellent road trip story during my never ending quest for the written word of all that is classic automotive. The author's / adventurer's name is Heather Storm (cool name, right?) Now I must admit that I had no idea that Ms. Storm was a celebrity / super model prior to me reading this. I never would have guessed by reading her story, truly down to earth. Man, I must be getting old! Anyways, riding shotgun in Heather's classic '65 Mustang is her friend, Lucy. The names Heather and Lucy have sort of a Thelma and Louise vibe to them but this story ends much different. Take a look for yourself here.

Mustang Heather

Link to story: