Sunday, August 25, 2019

Russia Collusion is Alive and Well

BREAKING NEWS: Frank's Classic Car Blog indicted on multiple counts of Russian collusion, Amberlight Garage seized for evidence!

Yes folks it's true, I was caught "red" handed, no Soviet pun intended. The counts in question are the top 15 and number 2 to be specific. There is also email evidence, so I suppose the warehouse housing my massive, liquid cooled servers will also be seized! But before you go believing this fake news, let me explain first.

I received an interesting email earlier this month from a Russian bot... er, I mean from a web site Project Manager. The agent, oops, I mean the Manager informed me that Frank's Classic Car Blog has been included for Russia's Top 15 Most Popular Car Blogs. See, there is the 15 reference. But what about the number 2 you ask? Well good readers, that is where this very blog placed on their hit list. Did I say hit list? I meant list, just plain list...

Apparently the new home of the Amberlight Garage