Sunday, February 18, 2018

FranktoidTM No. 18 - Karma With a "C"

We all know Karma's a bitch but what about her step-sister, Carma? Carma, spelled with a "c", is the vehicular version of Karma. I believe I have experienced a little bit of Carma and it all started when I decided to sell a car...

Regular readers of this blog will recall when I wrote about selling one of my project cars. Well, writing and actually doing are two completely different things so I thought I would put my future money where my mouth is, or more accurately, was. The decision to sell was a tough one with each project car having it's pros and cons. For a moment or two I thought a flip of the coin would be the deciding factor when all of a sudden the solution came to me. I would list the car for sale at a price that was, in my opinion, a little high. If it sold, great! I would get my investment back and then some so I really couldn't complain. If it didn't sell, oh well, I tried! So I listed the car and Carma came a knocking on the door. It sold. Wait, which car sold? Oops, I guess I sort of left out that portion of this story. Unable to come to a decision on which project car to sell I decided to sell my daily driver, a 1967 Olds Delmont 88. Part of this decision was based on the need to retire the Olds from daily driver status. The Delmont has been the source for many stories on this blog and has served me well. I really didn't think it would sell, I mean, who wants a 4 door sedan now-a-days? Boy was I wrong.

I really should have done my homework better, as in research homework. For the price I sold the Delmont for, I can't replace it, and I thought I got a really good price for it! It turns out that daily driver, rust free, 4 door sedans that have working A/C are worth a little more then what I thought. Oops! Now what? Besides juggling work schedules and cars so I can get to and from work, I had to formulate a plan. After searching for what seemed like an eternity I was unable to find a newer daily driver (big surprise there, see Carma above) so I decided to move forward with a plan to make one of my project cars a daily driver. The '56 Chevy, appropriately named Time Warp, got the nod. Now I need to put my money where the project car is and get it on the road. Will I succeed or will Carma get it the way? Stay tuned to find out what happens...
Goodbye old friend...

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