Wednesday, November 7, 2018

FranktoidTM No. 19 - Opinions, The Spice of Life

A lot can be said about opinions as everyone usually has one. Good or bad, opinions are generally received with apprehensive anticipation. There is a famous quote about opinions that compare them to a certain part of the body that I won't quote here, as I am pretty sure everyone has heard it already. A more mellow quote comes from the move The Big Lebowski, when The Dude says: "Yea, well, you know that's just like, ah, your opinion man." Taking my cue from El Duderino, that is usually my reaction when I hear opinions, but when you are getting the same opinion from numerous, different sources, it makes a person start to think. To sum it up, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.

I received a text message the other day from a life long friend that I had not heard from in awhile. He knows that I have always wanted to write for a magazine but with the ever increasing popularity of the internet, that possibility seemed almost impossible. The mainstream thinking was that print was dead, but is it really? He reignited a spark in me that had be dormant for quite some time. Basically, he was wondering when my column was going to start. Heck, I have been wondering that for a long time but when you see the words "I like your writing", it really starts to sink in.

Your friends are probably few and far between so they should be treated like gems. Recently, I was fortunate enough to find a new friend in my old age, which is not an easy task given my ultra private life that I usually refuse to let anyone into. My new friend surprised me by saying that my writing was amazing or something to that effect.What a great compliment! Both of these recent comments, and others that I have received, really made me sit back and think about what I write about and my blog in general. Do I really have what it takes? Writing is my passion, and I think it probably shows, but does it really? If I can trust anybody's opinion, it would be my friends.

Until the day I see one of my stories in print, I will just have to be satisfied with posting my stories  here on my blog. Isn't the interweb great? I have so much to write about but life is getting in the way. Upcoming will be the first chapters of a book that I am writing titled North Main. There will also be a major update on my '56 Chevy project car, Time Warp. Keep the faith and keep reading!


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