Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Opportunity Rang But I Took a Message

My main purpose of creating this blog page was to put on "paper" what has been floating around in my head since like forever. I love cars, new and old, but mostly old. I love photography, digital SLR is my game. I also enjoy working on classic cars, so the blending of all three seemed natural. What if I could get a job that paid me to do all of that? What if I could do my favorite things for a living? Most of us dream of this scenario, right? I was possibly an interview away from this happening, and I made a choice...

Let me back track a little. I was pounding away at my blogs and I really wanted to get some feed back, a professional opinion if possible, on my writing style, etc. I decided to email the Editor of a major automotive publication asking for his opinion. I know, a really long shot, right? At the most I was hoping for a return email from him, asking me if I was serious or chastising me mercilessly. I did not get any emails. What I got was a phone call. A phone call that could have changed my life. No, it was not a job offer but rather an opportunity to interview for a Technical Editor position. Holy crap! Me, a Technical Editor? My ultimate dream, no doubt, with the possible exception of winning the lottery. The Editor told me to think about it and call him back. In my mind I am doing the comparisons, but how do you compare your dream job to reality?

Reality to me is my family, my house, my pets, and my cars, pretty much in that order. If I were to do a pie chart, my cars would be the smallest piece of the pie. It's not like I want it that way, that's just reality. Reality is also bills - lots of bills - so this must take precedence over all things, including dreams. In this case the dream did not pay enough. Sure, there were tons of perks, but perks don't pay bills. Perks get you a bitchin' looking ride, but at what cost? Don't get me wrong, the job pays well, but I just happen to make more. The situation looks even bleaker when you factor in commute times and fuel costs. I was looking at an additional 4 hours a day just in travel. That's 80 hours a month, or 960 hours per year! (6 months!!) How bad do I want this?

With all that said, I still want this dream job. I just can't do it full time at the moment. What I would really like is to be freelance, or a Contributing Editor, or something along those lines that I can do part time so I can really get the feel for it. My work does need some polishing, so I will continue to polish it here, with you as my critics. I will land a gig someday soon, just you wait and see. Meanwhile, I get to keep blogging, so enjoy!

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