Thursday, April 7, 2011

Frank's Factoids

I think it's time for a new feature here at the Amberlight Garage. In an effort to share some of my vast knowledge and incalculable bullcrap, I have created "Franktoids". Franktoids are my version of automotive related factoids, or any factoid that I feel like writing about. What I like about factoids is that they could be true, unverified, questionable, or just pure BS. We here at the Amberlight Garage will strive to bring you the most accurate Franktoids possible, perseverant to our brains capabilities or our internet search engine, whichever has the least amount of traffic at the time. Without further ado, I present the very first Franktoid:

FranktoidTM No. 1 - AC Cobra's Big Brother

Most folks have seen or know about the AC 427 Cobra. This was the car that put Carroll Shelby on the map in the mid-sixties. Did you know that the AC 427 had a big brother? It was called the AC 428, and like the name implies, it was equipped with the Ford 428 cubic inch big block V-8. Available in either a fastback or convertible body style, it could be ordered with either a manual or automatic transmission. Capable of a 150 mph top speed and quarter mile times of 13.8 seconds, the AC 428 lived up to being the big brother of the Cobra.

Behold the AC 428 convertible. Looks kind of like a Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder, doesn't it?

Photo: AC Cars Ltd.

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