Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Truck Sunday

It's been awhile since I have posted anything car show related here at the Amberlight Garage. I must admit that I have been quite remiss in my blogging duties. I hope to rectify this oversight in 2016 by attending as many car shows as possible so I can share them with all of my readers here.

The show that I attended today was called Super Truck Sunday which was held at a local Bob's Big Boy restaurant. The turn out was pretty good considering it was Super Bowl Sunday and all. There wasn't just trucks there as I saw a few wagons as well. Heck, I even spotted a contingency of vans! Who said vannin' was dead? Not me! I predicted the resurgence here.Without further ado, here are my pictures...
Very cool Rambler gasser wagon.

Big block Olds powered!

This shot will give you an idea of how high this Rambler is.
Suddenly it's the 70's again.

A couple of Dodge custom vans.

Murals are kind of expected on a van.

Another Ford custom van.

Check out the interior of this Ford shaggin' wagon.
A super clean GMC pickup.

Nice early Mack diesel tractor.

Check out these Ford Econolines.

This is an E100 pickup.

Econoline pickup and Econoline van.
The tail light of a Chevy Cameo truck.

A C-20 Chevy bagged with a radically shortened bed.

Super clean Ford Country Squire station wagon.

Magnum 500s, faux wood paneling and a surf board!

Near perfect stance on this Ford pickup.

This big window is tucking some meats under those fenders.

All good things must come to an end...

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  1. Did you take pictures of any ugly vans or trucks? I'd love to see them. Let me know if you would be interested in writing a post for my ugly car site. Any pictures that you get I will link back to your blog. An easy way to get both of us traffic. My email is: [email protected]


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