Saturday, September 24, 2022

FranktoidTM No. 22 - We Tired

Well it has been just over a year since I put fingers to keyboard (the modern equivalent of pen to paper) and boy what a year it has been! Regular readers of this blog might recall my post predicting about 2021. I think I got almost everything right except one item, I failed to predict my retirement. I will spare you all the details but suffice to say that I had to make some big decisions in a relatively short period of time and that also included a major move out of state. Yes, the Amberlight Garage has officially moved and let me tell you that was no easy task! With all of those things going on my blogging duties got put on the back burner. Even though I am really working more being "retired" then when I was actually working, I figured I better get back to blogging and give everyone a quick update. 

Project Yellowjacket was removed from it's mothballed state and shipped to my new location of the Amberlight Garage where it is safely cocooned until I finish unpacking and organizing the new digs. The 455 build is getting closer to completion with the recent addition of a set of aluminum heads and also a trick oiling system from Bernard Mondello Racing Enterprises. Mondello's oil system includes a special oil pan, windage tray, blue printed oil pump, and a modified main cap. By the way, Bernard is the son of the late Joe Mondello, aka "Dr. Oldsmobile",who was a cylinder head expert and performance guru. I also decided on the wheel and tire combo for Yellowjacket but only got as far as getting the rear wheels mounted before I had to start packing things up. 

More chapters of North Main are also in the works for those interested in my book that I am writing and sharing here. I just need to find some more time, but there is so much other work that needs to be done! I have also come to the conclusion that I have been pronouncing "retired" wrong, it's actually "we tired", literally.

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